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The Dawson Home Team


We’re proud to share a handful of recent testimonials from our happy customers.

"We were stunned! In late October 2019, we learned we had to have our house on the market by January. Not only did we have a fully packed 5-bedroom house and basement to clear, but we also needed to do extensive renovations to make it market-worthy. After a thorough discussion with Maureen and Joe Dawson, we placed ourselves under their direction. Confident of their experience, integrity and ability, we fully trusted them to advise us, to price and market the house appropriately and to meet the goal. The challenge was to complete everything on time with holidays pending throughout. Maureen’s efficiency, knowledge of the market, her analytical expertise, long-term experience and organizational abilities were in play every step of the way to a very successful sale. Maureen communicated daily to keep the renovations on track, handled intermediate paperwork and facilitated work in the house, including but not limited to letting contractors in, picking up carpet and paint samples, providing “footies” for everyone when it snowed, adjusting the thermostat, turning off the lights and so much more. Maureen and Joe made themselves fully available, going above and beyond what would be expected. Most importantly, the Dawson team treated our home like their own.


The Dawson team dove in with enthusiasm and good advice. Maureen connected us to a network of experienced people that we had the option to use. She had personally interviewed and reviewed all of them. Since we had already moved out of the area, we had to depend on everyone to get it right. Maureen and Joe stepped in, organized and led the charge. Each contractor was efficient, professional and fair. We relied on her painter, handyman, organizer, stager, cleaner, mover, and even the junk collector. There were people who consigned clothes, sorted memorabilia, helped with garage sales. The organizers were amazing, even connecting us to someone to handle delicate military memorabilia. Maureen coordinated schedules and oversaw the work. What a difference it made! A well-trained team can save you money, as well as time, and spare you much of the physical and emotional trauma that goes with a big move. I can’t imagine having done it ourselves. Their efforts made this project possible.


We actually listed the house before the deadline. The Good News: we sold the house – four good offers in the first 36 hours, but the service did not stop there. Maureen continued to advise, check the house until closing, and followed up on every detail. While reviewing the offers with Maureen and through the closing, we were awestruck by her professionalism and the courtesy she displayed to every party involved. It was an eye-opening experience to learn how much a good realtor handles, not only listing or selling a property, but also knowing current law, finance, economics, marketing. Maureen did all of that with confidence and courtesy. We heard many mentions of praise and admiration for Maureen and Joe Dawson by outside contractors and realtors, specifically for their integrity and professional ability. They are trusted by both clients and contractors. We saw why.


We were in good hands. We had the best real estate experience imaginable. The Dawson team was prepared when they started the journey with us and provided everything we needed through the closing and beyond. We always felt that we were their priority; we never felt there was any less attention or service either before or during the sale. We have dealt with many real estate transactions but have never experienced the level of service and responsiveness that the Dawson team offered and fulfilled. We are very grateful for them and would strongly recommend them to anyone considering a real estate transaction. You couldn’t do better. After personally seeing the efforts they expended, we can attest to the benefit of having a top-rate realtor. The Dawson team exemplifies that.  Thank you, Maureen and Joe, for all you did to achieve our goal.  You made it happen."

  • Georgene and Richard (Herndon)

" I worked with Maureen and Joe this Spring to sell my home. I first met Maureen when she ran a Downsizing seminar a few months ago. She had several professionals there to explain their services and what one could expect when trying to downsize their home. It was an extremely helpful seminar and I was able to get contact information for professionals that she has worked with and trusts in this industry. I interviewed three local realtors, and Maureen’s team seemed like they provided the highest value for their services. After we met with Maureen’s award-winning stager, Maureen laid out a “roadmap” for me to follow. Her suggestions and help in getting our house ready to sell were just what was needed. She lent us items for staging purposes and she literally arranged items on my shelves for me. During all of this, Maureen listened to what was important to us and what we really needed from the sale of our home. I felt Maureen always had my best interests at heart. The first contract came in the first day we had showings. It was everything that we had told Maureen we needed, plus it was above our asking price. It was really Maureen and Joe understanding our situation and trying to help us get what we needed that made the biggest difference to me. I feel like Maureen is a trusted friend now. I am so grateful for their help, and I would ask them to help me sell another home in a heartbeat."

  • Kathy D. (Franklin Farm)

 "I really wanted you to know how much I appreciated all you and Joe did for us. Monica Murphy, of Preferred Staging, too! We are really happy how everything worked out. I knew you were going to be my realtor when the time came and you didn’t disappoint me anywhere along the way. Honesty, integrity, caring and professional!"

  • Eileen & Greg B. (Franklin Farm)

 "Maureen Dawson has been our real estate broker as a buyer twice and a seller once. Maureen is knowledgeable, understanding, honest, fun and extremely thorough. She has decades of experience in real estate, and we really felt at ease working with her and knew she had our best interests at heart. On our most recent transaction, we were able to both purchase our new house and sell our old house all within the span of 30 days! We were confident from our previous buying experience with Maureen that she would take care of everything and communicate throughout the process. Also important to my wife and I was the fact that she put absolutely no pressure on us and provided information in an even-handed, non-judgmental, manner. Bottom line – I can’t imagine having a more positive experience and recommend Maureen without reservation to anyone. We highly recommend Maureen and The Dawson Home Team!"

  • Chad W. (Reston, VA)

"Maureen is passionate, energetic and funny. I ALMOST wish that selling my house took longer because I already miss our conversations. My house was a realtor’s version of “what not to wear”. She didn’t hesitate or alter her optimism. She dove right in; helping me find the right painters, lawn services and other tasks it took to get the house ready to sell. Throughout the sales process, she was proactive and informative; offering advice when I asked or giving me a little space when I needed time to make a decision. I can’t imagine buying or selling a property without having her by your side."

  • Theresa G. (Oak Hill, VA)

"Maureen was exceptional during our home search. We told her what we wanted and with minimal searching, we found our home. She did the research and respectful of this being our first time. Maureen really helped us problem solve issues that aired from the walk-through. We came to settlement prepared and she took time to explain every step of the process. We are so happy with everything!"

  • Erin D. (Manassas, VA)

Maureen was a pleasure to work with. She was on the ball and very responsive to my needs. I was confident in her advice and felt like she was really looking out for my best interest. She knew her stuff so it was obvious she had a lot of experience as a realtor. I would definitely recommend her to any prospective buyers or sellers.

Lauren L

(Reston, VA)